Razor wire is a type of modern security fencing made of razor-sharp steel blades and high-tensile wire. With piercing and cutting razor blades put at the top of the wall, as well as particular patterns making climbing and touching exceedingly difficult, razor wire can be installed to achieve the goal of intimidating and halting aggressive perimeter intruders. To avoid corrosion, the wire and strip are galvanized

1)Concertina Wire is a type of wire that is used to make a concert

Crossed razor barbed wire is another name for concertina wire. To make it stronger, two sections of stainless steel or zinc-coated razor wire are clipped together.

2) Razor Wire with a Single Coil

Without clips, single-coil barbed tape wire is put in natural loops on walls or fences. Single coil razor wire is costless and simple to set up.

3) Razor-Sharp Fence

One of our newest razor products is the razor flat fence (flat wrap).

Razor flat fences come in a variety of sizes.

15m x 500mm

15m x 700mm

15m x 900mm

4) Razor Wire Mesh, Welded

Welded Razor Wire Mesh Fence is a new type of security razor barbed wire. This type of razor wire fence is very useful and attractive when equipped with a blade.

For doors and windows, a razor wire mesh fence can be utilized as a guarding fence. It’s also useful in the military.